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Barring the diplomat from leaving the country is little different from holding him hostage and recalls the 1979-81 incident in which the Islamic Republic held 52 American diplomats hostage for 444 days.
The Indian government also has issued a slew of directives to its officials to curb down the privileges of US diplomats in India.
Diplomats are there to help their governments understand how to accomplish that task.
The spokesman said many diplomats left Tripoli for Tunisia last Thursday because it was a long weekend.
On Wednesday, Amir Abdollahian voiced concern over the security conditions in Yemen, and cautioned that Tehran will take action if Sana'a officials fail to protect the lives of the Iranian diplomats in that country.
It cannot be said with certainity if it was a sheer chance or a well orchestrated plan to have Devyani arrested, only a week after it was evident that the Russian diplomats posted to New York City and their wives were accused of fraudulently applying for Medicaid benefits over the past nine years; an incident that Preet Bharara, the US attorney in Manhatten, went to the extent of calling "picking pockets in the host country.
Some in the Islamic Republic's establishment are still trying to put on trial in Iran a Saudi Arabian diplomat who is accused of smashing into an Iranian's car while drunk in March and killing the man.
The existing guidelines state that members of diplomatic missions are required to send to the foreign ministry their requests for visits outside Islamabad and provincial capitals at least five working days in advance, but the Express Tribune reports that now, Foreign Office authorities are re-examining "travel restrictions" imposed on diplomats so that the relationship between both the countries do not deteriorate any further.
Andrew Kilgore, who served as US ambassador to Qatar, said: "We thought American diplomats were as unhappy as British diplomats were over what the president did.
Diplomats from the United States, South Africa and other countries have been working steadily in the past few days to ease Mobutu out of power and avoid a violent takeover of this crowded city of 5 million by the rebel forces.
Washington, July 30(ANI): The Obama administration has reportedly slapped curbs on the movement of Pakistani diplomats and embassy staffers in the United States.
The MoS informed the House in a written reply to a question of Sajid Ahmed that a total 1919 foreigners are diplomats while 651 are non diplomats.
PESHAWAR, August 20, 2010 (Frontier Star): Foreign diplomats wishing to survey the calamitous destruction and havoc wrought by recent floods have been given security clearance to visit these areas.
With rebel forces closing in on the capital, President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire has said he will resign after nearly 32 years in power, American diplomats said Saturday.
Diplomats who become too attuned to local populations and th >;eir needs risk being accused of "clientism"-or worse.
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