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Synonyms for recognition

Synonyms for recognition

favorable notice, as of an achievement

Synonyms for recognition

the state or quality of being recognized or acknowledged

the process of recognizing something or someone by remembering

coming to understand something clearly and distinctly

(biology) the ability of one molecule to attach to another molecule that has a complementary shape

the explicit and formal acknowledgement of a government or of the national independence of a country

an acceptance (as of a claim) as true and valid

Related Words

designation by the chair granting a person the right to speak in a deliberative body

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He dismissed media reports that Taipei was engaging in ''checkbook diplomacy'' to compete with Beijing for diplomatic recognition in the region.
A solution will bring Israel recognition from 57 Muslim countries, a clear, straightforward and diplomatic recognition between these countries and Israel", Abbas added.
In 2002, the kingdom presented a peace initiative which offers Israel full diplomatic recognition from all Arab states in exchange for the return of occupied Arab lands.
IN 1984, I WAS AMONG THE plaintiffs who challenged President Ronald Reagan's decision to extend US diplomatic recognition to the Holy See, elevating one faith over all others in violation of the separation of church and state.
Following the election of the new pope, Beijing, as expected, urged the Vatican to end diplomatic recognition of Taiwan.
ISRAEL HAS expressed its dissatisfaction with Cyprus' decision last week to extend diplomatic recognition to the State of Palestine by upgrading its mission in Nicosia to that of an embassy.
If the Arab League was to state quite flatly that all oil and gas sales to the US were to be suspended until implementation of the Arab peace plan of a decade ago (based on UN Security Council Resolution 242, in which a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and establishment of a Palestinian state on all of the West Bank and Gaza is met with full diplomatic recognition of Israel by the League), there would be significant pressure on the US to make it happen.
The union stopped short of conferring full diplomatic recognition, as France, Turkey and certain Arab countries of the Persian Gulf have done.
August 17, 2012 (PARIS) - The Newly established Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) has sought diplomatic recognition from US and European countries.
diplomatic recognition is one of several recent developments that bode well for democratic reform: U.
The UK is using diplomatic recognition as a way of trying to shape the future.
The Libyan rebels may have won diplomatic recognition from the United States and promised financial aid, particularly with the unfreezing of Libyan assets held in US-controlled bank accounts.
Speaking on the occasion, Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar said that 60 years ago, Pakistan extended diplomatic recognition to China and since then they have been great friends and unitedly faced many challenges.
It is still unclear if Mladenov's visit in Benghazi is an indication that Bulgaria will grant diplomatic recognition to the Libyan rebels, which has already been recognized by 18 nations, including the big EU states and the USA.
He stopped short of full diplomatic recognition of the Transitional National Council, as have the US, awaiting the removal of Gaddafi from his more than 40-year rule in the oil-rich country.