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COMMITTED David Miliband has snubbed talk of a diplomatic posting
Richard Ralph, Britain's ambassador to Bucharest, is to leave later this year for another, as yet unannounced, diplomatic posting, the Foreign Office said.
In 1987, he accepted a diplomatic posting as the Counselor for Energy in the Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.
He has also never had a discussion about a diplomatic posting with Premier Mkhize.
I will keep the warmest memories about Kyrgyzstan and even when I leave the diplomatic posting in your country, I will make efforts to further develop the bilateral ties between Turkey and Kyrgyzstan," Serpil Alpman said.
Foreign Minister Kadyrbek Sarbaev on Tuesday presented his candidacy to the Parliamentary Committee for International Affairs and Inter-parliamentary Cooperation, which should approve the nominee for this diplomatic posting.
Foreign Minister Ednan Karabaev today met with Egyptian Ambassador Abdel Magut Alhabashi in connection with expiry of termination of his diplomatic posting term in the Kyrgyz Republic, reported press service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in connection with expiry of her diplomatic posting in Kyrgyzstan, reported prime minister's press office.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev today met with Japanese Ambassador Tetsuo Ito in connection with expiry of term of his diplomatic posting in Kyrgyzstan, reported president's press office.
Klaus Grewlich in connection with expiry of his diplomatic posting term in Kyrgyzstan.
While it is the prerogative of any government, particularly a newly elected one, to reshuffle their diplomatic postings and get rid of dead wood who have just been filling a seat in some comfortable location, they also need to take heed of diplomats who have performed well for the country.