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the body of diplomatic personnel

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Lodge is an all-action girl ONE of the most genial characters I've interviewed of late is action girl Jessie Lodge, who has a degree in international relations and is therefore qualified to join Sherwood's diplomatic corp.
In a world where immorality is becoming the norm, should we maintain a protocol of immunity for the Diplomatic Corp when they seem to be licensed to harm without any accountability?
In anticipation of independence, the US is already deploying a troop of diplomatic corp in South Sudan in what a top US official in Sudan calls "Juba Surge.
Tayeb, regional director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other government officials, members of the diplomatic corp.
The meeting was attended by Abdul Adhim bin Abas al Bahrani, OCCI Director General, members of the Egyptian Diplomatic Corp and a number of Omani businessmen and businesswomen.
And within five minutes of delivering our protest letter the stars and gripes diplomatic corp did a U-turn.
The event was attended by who's who of the diplomatic corp, political parties and notables of the federal capital.
And this is just a fraction of the ideas that my dear friend has been initiating around Fiji and the Pacific region," said Ratu Inoke during the farewell attended by some members of Cabinet and members of the diplomatic corp.
Ramesh Nath Pandey, newly elected Members of Constituent Assembly, Resident Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Corp, Senior Government Officials, Members of Business Community, Media Personnel, Nepal-Sri Lanka Friendship Association and Nepal-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce.
Othman thanked Mansour for allowing the smooth relocation of the Moroccan diplomatic corp from Damascus to Beirut.
BRUSSELS, Oct 12 (KUNA) -- The Ambassador of Kuwait to the European Union and the current Dean of Arab Diplomatic Corp in Belgium, Nabeela Al Mulla, Friday congratulated the European Union for winning the Nobel Peace Prize Award.
Several dignitaries, including ambassadors of different countries and members of the diplomatic corp, attended the event.
Mr Warioba recommends that the lounge be open only to the top Government officials and members of the diplomatic corp, with prior notice to be given.
The prominent among the outgoing ambassadors were Dean of the Diplomatic Corp and Argentine Ambassador, Rodolfo J.