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a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office

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Courier and freight transport agency services diplomatic bag and diplomatic dispatch the goods all over the world in accordance with the technical specifications.
We take very seriously any reported abuse of the protocol surrounding use of the diplomatic bag.
According to The Telegraph, the notes said should the maverick Australian should be taken even if he emerges in a vehicle, under diplomatic immunity or in a diplomatic bag, which may involve "risk to life".
The document was recorded at a briefing and appears to order police to make the arrest if Mr Assange attempts to leave in a diplomatic bag or vehicle.
Courier documents were endorsed as though the box was being shipped as usual but the package was actually sent by diplomatic bag to police for analysis.
David Flores rallied in the stretch aboard the Frankel-trained Diplomatic Bag to win the Grade II Arcadia Handicap by three quarters of a length over Statement.
The Stinger missiles could have been brought into the UK either by diplomatic bag or with the help of a 'friendly' Arab nation.
Reformist translator for the German embassy in Tehran Saeed Sadr gets 10-year jail for helping to organise the Berlin conference and for having communist sympathies as well as using the German diplomatic bag to smuggle propaganda into Iran.
5 tonne diplomatic bag, somebody at Heathrow would open it by mistake.
Further investigations with the Sham [sic] family in Bombay - who had handled the Lokhari figure - revealed that antiquities were being shipped by the container load as part of the diplomatic bag (pp.
Should a head of Chancery's wristwatch fail in some remote area, a replacement might be conveyed in the diplomatic bag.
Contract notice: Courier and freight transport agency services diplomatic bag and diplomatic dispatch goods worldwide.
Interesting stuff came encrypted or in the diplomatic bag, all material fully accountable for when passed between individuals - and on shredding, safely stored until burned under supervision.
The other great advantage to having an intelligence station within the embassy is that stuff can be shipped using the diplomatic bag - codebooks, specialist equipment and so on.