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a vowel sound that starts near the articulatory position for one vowel and moves toward the position for another

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6 ms); the second syllable vowel is shorter after a long vowel or diphthong in the initial syllable than after a combination of a short vowel and a consonant; c) non-initial syllables can contain long vowels; in disyllabic words the average length of a second syllable long vowel is 197.
These included a common long vowel (/o/ in rope), a diphthong (/ow/ in shower), and an unaccented final syllable (/er/ in shower).
The alternate--and orthographically more expected--spelling, that with a consonantal yod to mark the diphthong ay demanded by the vocalization, occurs in the MT only five times: Jer.
An important group of contrasts reflects the overlapping of the result of the i-mutation of long and short /u/ (long and short /y/) and the long and short diphthongs /ea/ and /eo/ (long and short /ie/) as well as the West-Saxon evolution /ie/ > /i/ > /y/.
The development of both of the proto diphthongs in ISP may be referred to the description of the sequence of sound changes as shown in Table 2 below.
Non-initial syllables that do not contain a diphthong or end with geminate or consonant cluster are of the first duration (long vowel occurs in original words only in positions of main stress).
In Chhatthare Limbu, diphthong occurs with the affixed interrogative particle < i > where hiatus does not occur.
By lacking awkward diphthongs and double consonants like -ph-, banananames tend to be more amenable to palindroming.
The chapter concludes with a discussion of syllables, diphthongs and prosody.
For Greek, though, quite a few problems arise, inasmuch as the only syllables that are specifically represented in Linear B are (1) vowels and occasionally diphthongs and (2) sequences of consonant plus vowel or diphthong.
succinctly structured, consists of three monosyllables and counts three diphthongs .
As a result, SPELL administered a discrimination task to determine whether Kirby was consistently aware of the difference between long O sound (/o/) and the diphthongs (/oi/and/au/).
His southern drawl was all but unintelligible to anyone not acquainted with Dixie's rhythms and diphthongs.
Therefore, it is not yet possible for us to claim any distinct linguistic features that are common to all speakers of Zimbabwean English, but, for example, we cannot deny the fact that its speakers avoid complex vowels such as phonemically long vowels, diphthongs and triphthongs in their speech.