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any of several toxic or carcinogenic hydrocarbons that occur as impurities in herbicides

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1] for the strong ketene carbonyl stretch absorption band of Dioxine or C-H out of plane bending vibrations band for benzene or ethylene (21), (22).
Meme si la quantite de dioxine parait infime, elle semble beaucoup plus grande dans les mouchoirs et les serviettes de papier.
INFMMA stated that "Green Peace [sic] wants to frighten people by claiming that this lead contains dioxine [sic] which is injurious to health.
The airborne emissions of PAHs (2003) have been shown to be comparable to PAH concentrations in the urban air, and the dioxine emissions (2007) have been close to the detection limit 4 pg/[m.
1995), and an absorption of PCB from fish equal to 50% (Bund/Lander-Arbeitsgruppe Dioxine 1991).