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Protodioscin, one of the primary furostanol saponin of Dioscorea species (including Dioscoreae Rhizome, Dioscoreae Nipponicae Rhizome, Dioscoreae Spongiosae Rhizome and Dioscoreae Hypoglaucae Rhizome), is a precursor of steroid hormones (Liu et al.
Bai, Discrimination of Trueborn Tuber Dioscoreae by Fingerprint Infrared Spectra and Principal Component Analysis, Chin.
Ephedrus dioscoreae Bhagat Ephedrus dioscoreae Bhagat, 1982b: 113-117.
2005), Pinelliae Rhizoma, and Dioscoreae Rhizoma (Ahn 2004); therefore we analyzed medical records of patients with liver injury considering whether the above HMs were included in their drug histories.
The formula of product is Rehmanniae Praeparata Radix 8g (prepared root of Rehmannia glutinosa), Corni Fructus 4g (fruit of Cornus officinalis), Dioscoreae Rhizoma 4g (rhizome of Dioscorea opposita), Alismatis Rhizoma 4g (rhizome of Alisma orientalis), Moutan Cortex 3g (root bark of Paeonia suffruticosa) and Poria 3g (sclerotia of Poria cocos).