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Diosgenin isolated from Dioscorea species and to a lesser extent structurally similar sapogenins have been widely used as raw materials by the steroid industry (Blunden et al.
Abara AE, Tawo EN, Obi-Abang ME and GO Obochi Dietary fibre components of four common Nigerian Dioscorea species.
In the one sample, and in other Dioscorea species investigated, the plastids of anastomosal sieve elements located in the node of stems are distinguished by cuneate crystals that are much smaller than those of all other sieve elements: see figure 8.
Results of the present study are compared with other varieties of dioscorea species grown in other parts of the world and other tuber staple foods (like enset (Ensete ventricosum) food products kocho and bulla) to the region in order to evaluate the potential of D.
Adeniji MO Effects of different fertilizer combinations on tuber yield, storage and food qualities of two yams, Dioscorea species.