Dioscorea batata

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hardy Chinese vine naturalized in United States and cultivated as an ornamental climber for its glossy heart-shaped cinnamon-scented leaves and in the tropics for its edible tubers

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Dioscorea batatas, Epimedium koreanum, Poria cocos and Zizyphi jujuba) used in traditional Korean medicine for improvement of memory and cognition in old age were tested for cholinesterase inhibitory properties using the Ellman colorimetric method.
In this study, we investigated the inhibitory activities on AChE of several herbal medicines-Acorus calamus (AC), Acorus gramineus (AG), Bupleurum falcatum (BF), Dioscorea batatas (DB), Epimedium koreanum (EK), Poria cocos (= Pachyma hoelen; PC) and Zizyphus jujuba (ZJ).
Acorus calamus rhizome (ACR), Acorus gramineus rhizome (AGR), Bupleurum falcatum root (BFR), Dioscorea batatas rhizome (DBR), Epimedium koreanum herb (EKH), Sclerotium of the fungus Poria cocos (PCS) and Zizyphi jujuba fruit (ZJF) were dried in sun and purchased from a Korean herbal drugs store in Seoul.
Dioscorea batatas contains steroidal saponin, dioscin and phenolic compounds like batatasin I, II, III which are dormancy inducing.