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a granular crystalline intrusive rock

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Drilling at Lady Charlotte (immediately to the east of Undaunted) has targeted interpreted diorites around some historical intercepts.
Drilling at Undaunted targeted previous intercepts from earlier in the year (see ASX release dated 01/03/11) and has identified a mineralised diorite with a strike length of 150m returning significant intercepts including: 16m @ 2.
Mineralization at Dreadnought occurs within two zones, the northwest and southeast, of albitized, stockworked and sulphidized diorite hosted within amphibolite grade basalts.
Drill holes TK-95-01 and 02 contained several narrow (<1m) zones of copper-silver mineralization, typically associated with strongly foliated and carbonate altered diorites.
The hole was drilled within weak to non-foliated diorites with much lower copper content than TK-95-03, drilled approximately 160m south of TK-95- 04.
ST 94-02, 10 and 11 intersected a deep saprolite profile, in excess of 100 meters in places, overlying andesitic volcanics and strongly sheared diorite intrusives.
Mineralized, potassic altered diorite porphyry was intersected from 128 metres to 159 metres.
Results from the drilling program indicate that gold mineralization is widespread, continuous and associated with sulphide mineralization (pyrite) in sheared rhyolites, diorites and altered intermediate metavolcanics.
An earlier, four-hole, preliminary drill program at Northallerton carried out by Reunion intersected gold mineralization in sheared, altered diorites with auriferous quartz stringers.
Narrow, lenticular veins are present in the continuous shear zones and cut across the granodiorites and diorites.
The andesite and diorites intersected in all holes display moderate to strong propylitic alteration, strong pyrite mineralization and numerous sections with anomalous copper values.
the north and west edge of the tenement where abundant quartz float with anomalous gold outcrops of chlorite-pyrite altered diorites were located and;
The Dickie Brook pluton also consists of three units: leucogabbro to quartz gabbro, diorite to quartz diorite and quartz monzodiorite to monzogranite.
Several of these diorite stocks occur in the Hedley Gold Basin.
230-250m Non-altered fine-grained, non-magnetic micro diorite.