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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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Fouzia Saeed and a large number of children attended the colorful inauguration ceremony of the Diorama.
Visitors had photographs taken next to life size statues of late and former senators, while several dioramas captured both positive and darker moments in history.
The Christmas carroza led with a diorama detailing the family tree of Jesus in the Bible.
In Salt Range diorama rocks are so artistically displayed that it gives full insight of the geology of the area from East to West.
BEIRUT: Former Lebanese professional race car driver Nabil Karam has again made it into the Guinness World Records, included in the 2017 edition for his huge collection of model sports cars and dioramas.
According to Laird, the dioramas are of exceptional craftsmanship and were originally made for the Blockade Runner Museum in the 1960's.
His farm and forestry based dioramas can take up to six months to make by hand.
If you think 3D glasses in movie theaters and theme parks are cool, how about using 3D Augmented Reality (AR) units that, when placed in front of AR-ready dioramas in the iconic "Diorama Experience of Philippine History" exhibition, bring historic scenes to life with animations, realistic sound effects, and voice narrations?
The artist's most ambitious, if clandestine, dioramas are also her most direct "fashion" shots.
the proceedings and the order is to select the contractor for the execution, delivery and installation of 11 (eleven) dioramas for the exhibition evolution of the earth and life, hereinafter referred to as the exhibition, in accordance with annex.
Collecting his photographs of dioramas installed at natural history museums throughout the U.
A study-like atmosphere is created with haunting wallpaper, portrait paintings, bookworks, and miniature dioramas that illustrate the various demented women and their distorted visions.
Chris Mrosko's BUILDING DIORAMAS (9780890248706, $21.
Contents: The Formation of a Panoramaniac -Introduction: Moving Panorama -a Missing Medium -The Incubation Era: Antecedents and Anticipations -Large as Life, and Moving: The Peristrephic Panorama -Rolling Across the Stage: The Moving Panorama and the Theatre -Transformed By The Light: The Diorama and the "dioramas" -The Panoramania, or The Mid-Century Moving Panorama Craze -Panoramania in Practice: Albert Smith and his Moving Panoramas -The Moving Panorama Performance: an Excavation -Intermedial Tug of War, or Panoramas and Magic Lanterns -Sensory Bombardment: a Medium's Final Fanfares -The Discursive Transfiguration of the Moving Panorama -Conclusion: From Panoramas to Media Culture.
After helping a friend with his dioramas at the national show, Jim decided to get involved and built his first diorama in 2010.