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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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into family traditions year after year and we applaud the creativity and artistic expression of those that enter the many diorama contests," said Noelle Porcoro, Senior Brand Manager of PEEPS[sup.
Q: You've built dioramas of scenes from the Lebanese war.
Hierdie reputasie as omgewingsbewuste digter word telkens herbevestig met die verskyning van elke daaropvolgende bundel: Palimpses (1987), By die dinge (1989), Verweerde aardbol (1992), Aves (2002), Plaaslike kennis (2004) en nou ook weer Diorama (2010).
When the Hall of North American Mammals' dioramas first were created, many popular renderings of wolves depicted these canines as malicious and snarling.
Mission to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels, Kay recently used his miniature soldiers in a diorama he set up at the Wellington Museum in Waterloo, Belgium, that depicts the final minutes of the battle of Waterloo.
In die bundel Diorama word hierdie werkwyse en tematiek voortgesit en uitgebrei.
Present a lesson on scale drawing, focusing on the 1:12 inch ratio used by the artisans and cabinetmakers who created the Thorne Room miniature dioramas.
A depiction of the Harvard Pond in all its autumn foliage glory was the original focal point of the Fisher Museum's internationally renowned collection of scenic dioramas.
There are six dioramas with the text found in the curtain wings on each side of the scenes.
He preserved, along with several dioramas, the seahorse railing I treasured as a little girl.
Existing dioramas and exhibit cases will be improved with better materials, lighting, and display techniques.
Models of ancient people step out of their dioramas and roam the exhibit halls .
Some folks say a picture is worth a thousand words; we say one of our dioramas is worth a thousand pictures.
The mammal gallery is a combination of modern and contemporary because the museum took the decision to restore the dioramas it had first created during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.
Windows on nature; the great habitat dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History.