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(Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama

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Ultimately, Pentheus' rigidity -- his attempt to suppress, rather than understand or adapt to, the emotions inflamed by the passionate and unconventional Dionysus -- proves to be his undoing.
The Dionysus Bag is made in a number of versions in a variety of materials-suede, python and crocodile-and, perhaps in its most distinctive form, features the GG Supreme print, a contemporary take on the Gucci G motif.
Dionysus (Latin: Bacchus) was the god of the grape harvest, viticulture, wine and revelry.
The Dionysian perspective of the world, in Modernity, brings on its trail the Nietzschean distinction between the barbarian Dionysus and the Dionysus of the Greek, Apollonian civilization.
Next, Michael Paschalis contrasts Ovid's permanent, single metamorphoses to Nonnus' predilection for shape-shifting (Proteus, Dionysus, and Io all go through multiple metamorphoses).
Dennis Wiederkehr, VP and national sales manager of Wiederkehr Wine Cellars in Wiederkehr Village, plans to open Dionysus Wine & Brew in nearby Altus for his wife, Sharla, to run.
Dionysus is identified by a crown of vine leaves and his drinking cup.
You can emphasise a narrow waist with Coast's Dionysus skirt, PS75, from www.
Then, of course, there is Dionysus - god of a right good Greek bevvy - who is constantly in a tiz because Zeus keeps turning his cherished red wine into water.
My main regret, in terms of participatory theatre, was that I'd missed the lodestar of the genre, the Performance Group's seminal Dionysus in 69, which crossed a line Miss Havoc would surely never have considered broaching: sexual interaction with the audience.
Springfield Technical Community College student Eddie Gonzalez portrayed a "middle-aged" Greek God Dionysus in the STCC Gallery Players production of "The Midlife Crisis of Dionysus," by Garrison Keillor.
In Aristophanes' Frogs, Dionysus travels to the Underworld to fetch Euripides to bring skill back to the tragic stage (Ran.
Sofia, Aug 31(ANI): A Bulgarian archaeologist has presented new finds from the Ancient Thracian and medieval fortress of Perperikon proving the existence of an Antiquity period sanctuary that he believes could be the ancient Temple of Dionysus.
Travel Business Review-April 1, 2011--Thrive World Wide Announces Alliance with Dionysus Company Entertainment(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.