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(Greek mythology) god of wine and fertility and drama

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At some stage in the late sixth century, Dionysos and the dithyramb took centre stage for the first time in Athenian cultural life.
Jones is ever willing and eminently capable of supplying demonic interpretations of otherwise ordinary events in Degenerate Moderns, yet he reserves this framework for Dionysos Rising, as Satanism and revenge play major explanatory roles in his analysis of the alleged liberating motives, goals, and methods of modern music.
No one in the play pays it the least attention, and the whole context is absurd in any case: what is Dionysos doing in the marines?
Further, aspects of the 'masculine' archetype which need to be recognized and incorporated into human experience are represented by the ecstatic figure of Dionysos and the crippled Hephaestos.
s) the contract concerns the provision of technical consultancy services for the construction of the necessary works for the collection and transportation of the waste of the settlements kryoneri, Stamata, Rodopoli, Dionysos and ag.
The Dionysos Estate has four spacious two bedroom villas with private pools, which were re-designed in 2011 by interior designer Cem Kocaciklioglu.
Xipe Totek, en sus Memorias del ciclo "Nietzsche" (2), mostro que nos han invalidado el aspecto dionisiaco de nuestra vida, esto es, lo que toca a pasiones, instintos, potencialidad creativa, o sea que nos han robado nuestra parte magica; supuestamente a favor de Apolo, nuestra vertiente racional; igualmente mostro que Apolo sin Dionysos quedaba reducido a ideas frias.
385/380 BCE) and times, period map of Greece, schematic drawing of the theater of Dionysos at Athens, and glossary of Greek words.
The statues, called "Las Incantadas", or the enchanted ones, by the city's Jewish community, show the mythical figures Maenas, Dionysos, Ariadne, Leda, Ganymede, Dioscuros, Aura and Nice.
Dionysos, Kumlubuk the Dionysos estate clings to the side of a mountain, high above the sleepy hamlet of Kumlubuk.
TURKEY Exclusive Escapes (020 8605 3500) seven nights' B&B from July 2 at canyon-top Dionysos Estate on Lycian coast for pounds 750, incl return flights into Dalaman ex-Manchester and day's sea cruise.
Close to Paphos harbour the house of Dionysos, a containing some of the preserved mosaics in Mediterranean area, were discovered by a ploughing his field.
Lead singer of the French rock band Dionysos is tapped to pen and co-direct the film.
But it's hard to mess up a Vodka and Tonic," says Marco Dionysos, head bartender at Clock Bar in San Francisco's Westin St.