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the tyrant of Syracuse who fought the Carthaginians (430-367 BC)

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11) Dionysios the Areopogite insisted that it is impossible to describe God, because God is ineffable.
Dionysios, who grew up in Athens, Greece, came to Coventry in 2000.
Take a stroll through nearby Zakynthos town, the island's capital, and stop off for a coffee along the waterfront between pretty Solomos Square and Saint Dionysios church.
These traces of Iranian influence are visible only after the end of the Achaemenid empire, when contacts had been established with the new western power, the Greeks, The presence of Megasthenes as an ambassador of Antiochos I Soter (281-261) at the court of Pataliputra is as well known as that of his successor Daimachos dispatched by Antiochus II Theos (261-246) to Bindusara ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and of the rather shadowy Dionysios sometimes supposed to come from Ptolemaic Egypt according to a note by Pliny.
Both journeys began in Athens, with visits to the Acropolis, to the Parthenon, the Theater of Dionysios, and the Temple of Asclepios, as well as to the Agora and museum.
The Liveras family appeared on the Times Rich List 2008, and had more recently set up a successful yacht charter business, led by Andreas' son Dionysios.
Dionysios Komiotis has said officials will be taking a tougher line with drunk and abusive tourists to clean up the island's image.
VIENNA: A Greek clarinet player, Dionysios Grammenos, beat six other finalists to win the Eurovision Young Musician prize in Vienna.
Postdoc Dionysios Vynias, a fiber scientist from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, has been working closely with Margaret Frey, the Lois and Mel Tukman Assistant Professor of Fiber Science & Apparel Design, and two student interns on developing and testing nanofibers that can be embedded into conventional textiles and used as highly sensitive filters.
Dionysios Kykkotis, chief priest of the most important church in Nicosia, then stepped forward and "declared revolution.
afzelii strain Ip-21, Dionysios Liveris for providing the A.
When the cult statue of Athena was removed at last from the Parthenon in the fifth century, the head of the Neoplatonic Academy, whose house is now underneath Dionysios the Areopagite street, dreamed that Athena appeared to him and told him that since she had been ousted from her house, she must now move in with him.
by the subtlety with which the painter has availed himself of the sparse elbow-room for private inspiration that the formulae of Byzantine iconography allow him: a convention so strict that it was finally codified by a sixteenth-century painter-monk called Dionysios of Phourna.
Nor did he hesitate to visit the imprisoned Polish Metropolitan Dionysios.