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an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)


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from Rome to Babylon, we can point to the existence of Dionysian festivals, types which bear, at best, the same relation to the Greek festivals which the bearded satyr, who borrowed his name and attributes from the goat, bears to Dionysus himself.
The double valence ascribed to musical ecstasy, expressed in Nietzsche's binary between the Greeks' artistic and others' "licentious" Dionysian festivals, shapes the metaphor.
For the Boar's Head Silenus enhances Hal's image as Dionysian festival prince and ultimately festival king.
Viewed within the context of Dionysian festivals, Wiles reflects on what conceptions of tragedy and comedy in Athens reveal to us about citizenship.
Dionysian festivals are examined in the sixth chapter.