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an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)


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from Rome to Babylon, we can point to the existence of Dionysian festivals, types which bear, at best, the same relation to the Greek festivals which the bearded satyr, who borrowed his name and attributes from the goat, bears to Dionysus himself.
For the Boar's Head Silenus enhances Hal's image as Dionysian festival prince and ultimately festival king.
In the last two stanzas the imagery shifts from weather and vegetation to the dances of a Dionysian festival, dances of gods and humans celebrating spring and involving sexual pursuit.
As with the education afforded to the poleis of ancient Greece through Dionysian festivals, so too with any modern-day education aimed at descent into the depths.
Viewed within the context of Dionysian festivals, Wiles reflects on what conceptions of tragedy and comedy in Athens reveal to us about citizenship.
Dionysian festivals are examined in the sixth chapter.
While famous for their frenzied and ecstatic atmosphere, the Dionysian festivals were also known to bestow on their participants a peculiar sense of stillness and calm.
The Good Friday festival of the last act is a celebration of regeneration, like the Dionysian festivals of the Greeks; thus Wagner calls Parsifal a stage dedication festival play to emphasize that it belongs in the tradition of Greek tragedy of the Nietzschean kind.