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of or relating to or worshipping Dionysus

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So a Dionysian ceremony, made of papier mache, a little wit and some glitter, was refreshing.
Dionysian Dances (in five orchestra interludes) was inspired by rhythms of the Greek folk tradition, and refers back to the old mysterious rituals of ancient Greece.
The solution to this problem that Daniels develops, rightly, is that the Apollonian and the Dionysian are understood more broadly than in Schopenhauer as all at once forces, forms of art, states of consciousness, and overall moods.
How far can Nietzsche's distinction between Apollonian and Dionysian illuminate shamanism and prehistoric rock art?
At the time, Nietzsche was a professor of classical philology (the study of language in written historical sources); in The Birth of Tragedy, he contemplated the Apollonian and Dionysian elements of classical Athenian tragedy, viewing ancient plays as an art form that rose above the fundamental hopelessness, meaninglessness, and nihilism that surrounds life.
I began writing poems about a contemporary Canadian couple, Donny and Ari Backus, and their two young sons, Stefan and Onno, dividing myself into the adults particularly, the Dionysian "Donny," and the abstemious "Aft.
Nevertheless, while these inveterate troublemakers may have been an utter nightmare to hoteliers everywhere - Lord know how many mini-bars were pillaged as a result of their dionysian merry-making - the world was a little bit brighter for them having been in it.
1) Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy (1872) is useful in this enterprise, because it analyzes the same struggle between Apollonian and Dionysian forces that characterizes the stories of both Marsyas and Empedocles.
The Dionysian Alliance" is a suspenseful novel following Detective Benjamin Kramer and his discovery of his ancestry within a religious order that promises to bring him into every dirty thing he can imagine, followers of Dionysos, the ancient god of wine and ecstasy.
One tendency of postmodern thought, reflected in the embrace of irrationality as an important element of human experience, stems from the Nietzschean celebration of the Dionysian aspects of life.
Dionysian festivals are examined in the sixth chapter.
More importantly, both works dramatically portray the Nietzschean opposition of the Apollonian and Dionysian in The Birth of Tragedy (1872).
The characters portray a time not unlike today, in which Dionysian appetites vie with religious zealotry for public sentiment.
Free beer perhaps, or better yet, weekends filled with Dionysian debauchery.
Everyone at The Box should feel like it's a constant bath of Dionysian debauchery," Hammerstein said.