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an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)


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The surname Dwight, as masculine as it sounds to the modern observer, is actually from the medieval feminine name Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia.
ABOUT THE PLAY Hir is part of Mac's Dionysia Festival: four plays (premiering separately, then performed in repertory) that deal with our cultural polarization.
Danny Callaghan, 38, of Dionysia Road, Middlesbrough, fined PS349 and ordered to pay PS120 costs for using a vehicle without insurance.
Kenneth Dover even suggests that Socrates the man may have been too well liked when The Clouds was first produced at the Great Dionysia of 423 B.
It was first performed at the city Dionysia in Athens in about 406 B.
It could be argued that Preuss's analysis ignores the workings of the smaller publishing houses that are flourishing in Scotland nowadays--Acair, Black and White, Crooked Cat, Dionysia, Dudu Nsombra, Luath, Olida, Pilrig, Ringwood, Two Ravens, etc.
Additionally, David Roselli (2011) has cogently argued for the importance of noncitizen audience members in understanding theater dynamics at the City Dionysia, and resident aliens' probable contribution to Athens' military expands the segment of tragedy's audience for whom issues relating to combat stress were salient.
32) Tamvaki, Dionysia, Legitimacy and EU Enlargement Policies: Differentiation in Elite Attitudes and Public Support for Integration (VDM Verlag, 2008).
49) Still, research on hedge fund activism by UK academic Dionysia Katelouzou illustrates that hedge funds prefer to operate as minority shareholders, regardless of the size of the companies being targeted.
The Great Dionysia and Civic Ideology," in Nothing to Do with Dionysus?
Charles Chen, Shimin Chen, Bill Christie (Editor), Dionysia Dionysiou, Yuan Ding, Yuan-Cheng Hu, Jeong-Bon Kim, Jay Ritter, Shuang Xue, and Hongqi Yuan for their helpful comments and insights.
Dionysia Lambrini, Bianca Biagi, Vicente Royuela, "Quality of Life in the Economic and Urban Economic Literature", in Social Indicators Research, 84, 2007, p.
In Aristophanes' Birds, produced at the city Dionysia in 414 BC, Poseidon addresses the Triballian god and rebukes him (1567-71):
Meineck approaches the conflicts staged during the City Dionysia as a healing ritual, one that addressed the psychological needs of a polis beset by almost constant warfare in the fifth century.
While Glenn deals specifically with a public employer and employee, the court could apply similar reasoning to a transgender employee's sex discrimination claim against a private employer under Title VII," says Littler Mendelson Shareholder Dionysia Johnson-Massie.