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an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)


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The surname Dwight, as masculine as it sounds to the modern observer, is actually from the medieval feminine name Diot, a diminutive of Dionysia.
High Altitude Plants such as Alpine Perennials and Dionysia are very difficult to cultivate.
City Dionysia, seems not to have relied on coarse scatological humor and assumed a subtle audience.
Laispodias was also mocked as warlike in Phrynichus, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] K-A 17, a play produced at the city Dionysia in 414 BC, at the same festival as the Birds.
Christoph Baumgartner , Neurological Department of General Hospital Hietzing (Vienna/Austria), Ann Little , International Bureau for Epilepsy, Dionysia Lagiou , European Commission.
While Glenn deals specifically with a public employer and employee, the court could apply similar reasoning to a transgender employee's sex discrimination claim against a private employer under Title VII," says Littler Mendelson Shareholder Dionysia Johnson-Massie.
Merry (1961:4) interprets this as proof that the Decree of Syrakosios did not agree with public taste, and adds that Syrakosios was openly criticised by Phrynichos in his Hermit, which received the third prize at the Dionysia of 414.
He also leaves behind his family, Dionysia Waskiewicz, Josephine L.
Anna Papa, Dionysia Theoharidou, and Antonis Antoniadis
16) Robinson also makes clear the extent to which Elizabeth was the cynosure of performance, which reminds us sharply of how different the original performance context of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], before an audience of about fifteen thousand at the City Dionysia, would have been to this production of a Latin version within the closed, hierarchical world of the university theater.
Dionysia Seabra; neto materno do Conselheiro Luiz Antonio Nogueira, jurisconsulto e que foi Director Geral do Ministerio do Reino, e de D.
Terry 'will be remembered here forever,' as Artemis promised Hippolytus would be remembered, as Dionysus was remembered at the Dionysia.
Theatre of Dionysos: Situated in the city centre, the Theatre of Dionysos was originally a timber structure that was constructed after the Festival of Dionysia, some time around 600 BC.
At just a few years old, this wee seedling of dionysia tapetodes, below, shows promising soft yellow flowers plus a slightly more golden appearance to the foliage.
Seven nights B&B at the Hotel Dionysia costs from pounds 269pp for departures in the first week of June from Gatwick (Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and East Midlands at a supplement).