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the tyrant of Syracuse who fought the Carthaginians (430-367 BC)

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He always used to say that 'since I came from the UK and started practicing psychiatry I closed down the mental asylum,'" his close friend and editor at Politis Dionisis Dionisiou said.
The general manager of the HSIA, Dionisis Kolokotsas, who participated in the event raised the attention of business leaders to the great potential of the microelectronics sector in Greece.
Atletico Madrid were available at 1-5 two weeks ago to beat the supposed Cypriot minnows, but Apoel gallantly held on for a 0-0 draw with goalie Dionisis Chiotis inspirational between the sticks.
Jan Rosenthal had a first good opportunity for the hosts in the 16th minute, but his shot narrowly missed the target, while APOEL's goalkeeper Dionisis Chiotis produced a number of excellent saves, including the one in the 38th minute when he stopped Takashi Inui's effort, to make sure his team goes into the half time break on level terms.
Dionisis Kolokotsas, HSIA General Manager, said: "Joining the GSA represents another step of the Greek microelectronic sector toward strengthening its position in the global high tech market.
Don't expect much adventure from a team who will rely on a blanket defence, and given the quality of the opposition forwards they will have to nullify in Group D, it is probably just as well Apoel enjoy parking the bus in front of Dionisis Chiotis's goal.
APOEL's substitute goalkeeper Dionisis Chiotis also lashed out at the officials: "We had five penalties that were not given to us in these two matches.
Centre-back Traianos Dellas faces a late fitness test and reserve goalkeeper Dionisis Chiotis is ruled out with acute back pains.
The Greeks are without Italian keeper Stefano Sorrentino, who is injured, and he'll be replaced by Greek cap Dionisis Chiotis.
Mesut Ozil tested goalkeeper Dionisis Chiotis, with the hosts still down to 10 men before replacement centre-half Kaka - the namesake and compatriot of Real's in-form schemer - could be introduced.
Teletypos/Mega: Nassos Katakouzinos, Dionisis Kinigos