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The Venus flytrap (VFT), Dionaea muscipula, is fire adapted because it can regenerate vegetatively from its rhizome after seasonal fires.
Micropropagation of the Venus Fly-trap, Dionaea muscipula, Using in-vitro Techniques.
In fact, under the PhyloCode, the genera Quercus, Platanus, Fraxinus, Acer, Eucalyptus, Dionaea, Aster, Orchis, Dianthus, Rhizophora, Nuphar, and Melocactus would all be paleoherbs--although placed in other, non-paleoherb clades by Donoghue and Doyle.
For example, Roberts and Oosting (1958) reported very low available nutrient content in bog soils with Dionaea in North Carolina (in mg [kg.
Among dicotyledons, Boesewinkel (1989) reported a remarkably similar nucellus type in the insectivorous dicot genera Drosera and Dionaea, but not in other genera of Droseraceae.