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Roman Emperor who when faced with military problems decided in 286 to divide the Roman Empire between himself in the east and Maximian in the west

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One charioteer, named Gaius Appuleius Diocles, amassed a fortune 35,863,120 sesterces in prize money - the equivalent of 15 billion dollars, claims Peter Struck, a professor of classical studies.
Happy to be a beneficiary of the prophecy, as Diocles will make him a senator, Geta becomes a clownish parody of the emperor: aping Diocles in renaming himself Getianus (3.
In 1989, Cuban state security tried to link him to the indictment of Diocles Torralbas, then minister of transport.
During the 4th century BC, the Stoics, Epicurians, Praxagoras and Diocles all nominated the heart, while Strato placed the seat of the soul between the eyebrows.
Hippocrates, Diocles, Theophrastus (Rhizopoulou, 2004), Sextus Niger, Crateuas and others (Rhizopoulou, 2005).
Apparently it's nothing new - the highest earning sportsman in history was Roman chariot racer Gaius Appuleius Diocles in the first century AD.
12 on Betfair) finding more going to the second-last, but he then fell to allow Diocles to coast home.
Ond byddai hefyd yn tynnu'n sylw at y ffaith nad oedd cweit yn cyrraedd lefel enillion arwr byd rasio chariots y byd Rhufeinig, Diocles, a ymddeolodd yn 42 oed yn yr ail ganrif, ar ol ennill gwobrau ariannol fyddai'n cyfateb i PS15bn heddiw.
The runner-up, Diocles, has also won since so there is no knowing where he could end up.
If he doesn't go, McCain has a good back-up in Diocles.
The runner-up, Diocles, has won since so there is no knowing where he could end up.
Odds-on to defy a penalty at Haydock in November, he came up with the goods by six lengths from Diocles, seemingly still having plenty up his sleeve.