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Synonyms for diocese



Synonyms for diocese

the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop

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The meeting was the first time that representatives of Canadian and African companion dioceses have come together to discuss their relationships, which date back 52 years to a congress on the future of the Anglican Communion, held in Toronto in 1963.
In the last few years, the denomination has spent close to $40 million on lawsuits to prevent dioceses from leaving and to seize the property of congregations that did.
These are not the first things that come to mind when you see a group of second graders receiving Confirmation, as has been happening in many dioceses.
The majority of current American bishops certainly feel a moral obligation to pay out to proven victims, but this is having a detrimental effect on the work of the dioceses, many of which already had financial problems due to factors such as rising labour and maintenance costs.
Some dioceses of die Anglican Communion, of winch the Episcopal Church USA is a part, temporarily separated from the church in response to the decision, and many of those dioceses--primarily in Africa--still refuse to ordain women.
dioceses now have a staff person assigned specifically to assist in the pastoral care of victims of sexual abuse by church personnel, according to a survey of dioceses conducted by the U.
gr] Gilles Ouellet (1968-1973) passent bien vite a d'autres dioceses, mais ils us ont le temps d'amorcer les principales transformations conciliaires en liturgie et dans l'organisation pastorale; l'episcopat plus long de [M.
Chief among these was the effective implementation of centrally issued Church policy in the dioceses, particularly the construction of educational institutions for the parish clergy, who, in turn, were to carry out Peter's order to educate society.
During the 1860's, the Dioceses of the Southern States left the Episcopal Church and then returned after the Civil War.
Also at CoGS, members approved a resolution approving boundary changes to the dioceses of Keewatin, Rupert's Land and Brandon, which resulted from the creation of the new northern Ontario diocese.
It is a fact and a blessing that dioceses and religious communities in which dissent is widespread are getting very few vocations, and that dioceses and religious communities which defend the faith publicly and insist on orthodox theological training are getting many vocations.
Sprinkled among these accounts of abuse and Roman collar roulette--the transfer of predator priests within dioceses and around the country--are the profoundly sad stories of the despair and even suicide of survivors.
Please call local dioceses directly for comment regarding the condition of Pope John Paul II.
Two dioceses have made generous donations to the diocese of New Westminster to help offset legal costs associated with litigation over church property rights.
With recent publicity in North American newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, about the horrendous homosexual abuse of boys by priests in Boston, Dallas, and a dozen other dioceses (see "Homosexuality among the clergy," March 2002, pp.