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CARDINAL CAMILLO RUINI (Italy) aged 74, the Cardinal Vicar for the Diocese of Rome and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference is an unlikely candidate CARDINAL TARCISIO BERTONE (Italy) aged 69, recently-appointed Archbishop of Genoa was for almost ten years Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
On July 9, 2000, Pope John Paul II plans to celebrate the Jubilee Year by visiting a prison in the Diocese of Rome.
I have now come to the position where I truly believe that, within the bishop of Rome's ministry, there is a gift not only for the diocese of Rome but also for every other local church in the world.
In a May address to the Pastoral Convention of the Diocese of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI spoke on the theme of "pastoral co-responsibility.
Despite such obvious insight about death, however, Welby was denied a Catholic funeral by the Diocese of Rome because he had "repeatedly and publicly" expressed "a wish to die.
They are Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the Pope's vicar for the diocese of Rome and president of the Italian bishops' conference, and Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Commission for Religious Relations with Jews.
Cardinal Camillo Ruini, 72, runs the Diocese of Rome and is head of the Italian Bishops Conference.
However, because Of the communion that existed, and still exists, among all the local churches, or dioceses, both with one another and with the diocese of Rome and its bishop, the pope was subsequently informed of the results of these elections as a matter of courtesy and protocol.
They also received the "bulla" of their elevation to the cardinalate and the title to a church in the Diocese of Rome.
is 1/3 owned by the Vicariatus Urbis Foundation, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Rome, Connection Office.
Andrea Santoro, an Italian recently transferred from the diocese of Rome to Turkey, was looking forward, his letters say, to beginning a new phase of his priesthood outside a big city, outside of his own country, outside the West.