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Synonyms for diner

Synonyms for diner

a person eating a meal (especially in a restaurant)

a passenger car where food is served in transit

a restaurant that resembles a dining car

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Susan Dinor, Chairman - Golden Mile 1 owners' association board and board member of Golden Mile 2 association.
Dinor devotes nearly half her day to managing Golden Mile 1 and 2.
Prior to joining RPR, Dinor served as an Account Manager at Alpaytac, where she led and was involved in strategic marketing and public relations initiatives for clients in a variety of industries including Turkish Airlines and Euro-Pro (creator of Shark and the Ninja household products), among others.
Dinor said: "Investors who had paid almost 90 per cent of the amount were urged to pay the rest to ensure a quick handover.
Mitsubishi and the Mitsubishi logo are registered trademarks, and DINOR is a trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in the U.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's Microprocessor and Memory Technologies Group and Mitsubishi Electronics America's Electronic Device Group today announced an agreement to jointly market DINOR MobileFLASH(TM) memory devices.
The new M32R/ECU devices offer large DINOR flash memory capacity to increase productivity at the development of manufacturing stages, and to contribute to improved maintainability in the field.
and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today in Tokyo an agreement in principle for co-development of flash memories utilizing the new technologies know as DINOR and AND.
Web-Feet Research has released the Non-Volatile Memory Technologies Roadmap study that forecasts the design and manufacturing economics for mature and advanced non-volatile memory technologies: Flash (NOR 1b/cell, NOR 2b/cell, NOR 4b/cell, DINOR, ACT, NAND 1b/cell, NAND 2b/cell, AND 1b/cell, AND 2b/cell, AG-AND); trapped charge (MirrorBit, NROM); advanced technologies (FRAM 2T2C, FRAM 1T1C, FRAM 1T, MRAM, OUM, PFRAM, Nanocrystal).
The next-generation DINOR flash memory used in the device makes firmware development flexible because the flash memory can be reprogrammed in the field.
DINOR (divided bit-line NOR) is the Mitsubishi-patented flash architecture used in its extensive flash memory product line.
The M16C/62 Flash combines 256 Kbytes of DINOR Flash and 20 Kbytes of RAM.
They have decided to join their efforts and resources to develop a new generation of Flash memory products, starting with multi-level 64Mbit, which will include the advantages of both DINOR and NOR architectures as well as associated advanced processes from 0.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 1997--Mitsubishi Electronics America's Electronic Device Group today announced an 8-Mbit DINOR MobileFLASH(tm) memory with BackGround Operation (BGO) that allows read operations to occur concurrently with program/erase operations.