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a party of people assembled to have dinner together

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FAST FOOD FAVOURITE GOURMET BURGERS THE Noughties lacked the fuss of previous decades, as dinner parties embraced simple meat dishes.
The majority of people have contents insurance for their homes but they should still be extra vigilant when holding dinner parties, especially when alcohol is concerned," cautions Steve Chelton, insurance development manager at Swinton.
However, according to a new survey, while a third of us now do DIY dinner parties, up to half of those invited cheat and bring supermarket ready meals instead of a home-cooked dish.
A quick flick through cookbooks, or a search on the internet, for dinner parties throws up the word "impress" time and time again along with "etiquette" and "table dcor".
The pounds 11 million turnover company, which began as a butchers shop in Coventry over 70 years ago and has a wholesale operation in Canley, has introduced a new range of meals for weddings, catered barbeques, corporate buffets and dinner parties.
Here are two recipes perfect for those fall potlucks and dinner parties that are sure to please even the pickiest crowd.
Finally, always follow two simple rules - plan, plan, and plan some more, and remember that dinner parties are supposed to be fun, both for your guests and you
As I grew closer to adulthood, I came to realize forks, dinner parties and white gloves were etiquette, part of those firm values related to appreciating and respecting others.
Dinner parties and drink did more than take the place of television.
The general gist of this new eight-part series is that social commentator Victoria Mather and society hostess Meredith Etherington-Smith descend on the minefields that are dinner parties to scrutinise proceedings as they develop.
If Mary were alive today, she might suffer from "kitchen performance anxiety" David Warburton, professor of psychology at the University of Reading (England), reportedly coined the term after researching the behavior of people who were giving dinner parties.
David Warburton, professor of psychology at the University of Reading (England), coined the term after researching the behavior of people giving dinner parties.
Roddy had Friday night dinner parties regularly throughout the year"--in the company of such luminaries as Elizabeth Taylor, Gore Vidal, and Maureen O'Sullivan.
The Swedish group's catchy tune has come first in a list of cringe-making songs played at dinner parties round the country.
He bemoans the life of the upper class but can't tear himself away from the dinner parties Lewis Lapham's Lament