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It was also revealed that the mob, which was seeking the 36 Dinka tribe members, fired at the shelter- seekers and ransacked the camp.
Abyei belongs to Misseriya through the gun," they shouted, referring to the nomadic Arab Misseriya who regularly graze their animals and move through Abyei where the Dinka tribe have traditionally lived.
Some 1,200 kilometers south in Juba, Abel Garang, from the Southern Dinka tribe like most of Abyei's permanent residents, is just as certain the region is Southern.
Over 35,000 Southern Sudanese slaves, mainly from the Dinka tribe, remain in bondage in Northern Sudan, according to a senior member of the Government of Sudan's recently dissolved Committee for the Eradication of the Abduction of Women and Children.
The Shilluk tribesmen attacked the village of Bony-Thiang in Upper Nile state on Friday morning, killing civilians of the Dinka tribe, the army said.
Some 50 armed and masked men in military uniform from the Shilluk tribe attacked the village of Bony-Thiang in Upper Nile state on Friday morning, killing civilians of the Dinka tribe, the army said on Saturday.
Alor, who comes from the Abyei area, said the southern-allied Ngok Dinka tribe had lost some small areas of land "but would accept the ruling.
John Garang, a prominent figure of the African Dinka Tribe.
A recent outbreak in neighboring Sudan is estimated to have affected 20,000 members of the Dinka tribe in 1998 and 1999; the death rate was 10%-14%.
According to Human Rights Watch, the convicted woman, Abok Alfa Akok, an 18-year-old unmarried Christian from the Dinka tribe, who was pregnant at the time of her conviction, did not have legal representation during the trial, which was conducted in Arabic with no translation available.
Tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced since violence broke out in the country in 2013, pitting president Kiir's Dinka tribe against his former vice-president, Riek Machar's Nuer tribe.
The conflict soon turned into an all-out war, with violence taking on an ethnic dimension that pitted the president's Dinka tribe against Machar's Nuer ethnic group.
Although starting as a personal rivalry between Kiir and Machar -- who was sacked as vice president -- the conflict has seen armies divide along ethnic lines and fighting pitting members of Kiir's Dinka tribe against Machar's Nuer.
The conflict has also taken on an ethnic dimension, pitting Kiir's Dinka tribe against militia forces from Machar's Nuer people.