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a Nilotic language

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Secondly, for Nuer and Dinka and other languages, where NFC output is a mix of precomposed characters and base characters with combining diacritics, it is necessary to only use combining diacritics and not use precomposed forms.
Local sources said the general was ambushed over a dispute involving a contested border territory between the Dinka and Shilluk communities.
President Salva Kiir Kiir with members of the Dinka (JIENG) Council of Elders as its chair Ambrose Riny Thiik appreas at his right (Photo Larco Lomayat)
Armed Murle youth were now moving west toward Dinka Bor areas in preparation for possible attacks.
In statements that began circulating following the conclusion of he conference Bakosoro is said to have criticised Dinka leaders.
Summary: Kartoum, Sudan: UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for calm after the top Dinka .
On May 4, 2013 a delegation of Dinka Ngok, led by Deputy Chairman of the Joint Committee, accompanied by Emir Kuwal Deng, the Emir (chieftain) of Dinka Ngok, under protection of the UN Interim Force for Abyei (UNISFA) headed by Maj.
It was also revealed that the mob, which was seeking the 36 Dinka tribe members, fired at the shelter- seekers and ransacked the camp.
The United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack on the residence of the Ngok Dinka paramount chief and called on the Sudanese and South Sudanese government to "assist UNISFA in swiftly bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice".
It gives Dinka the right to vote along with Sudanese with "permanent abode" in the Abyei area.
If the Dinka take this decision - to annex Abyei to the south- there will be an immediate war without any excuse," El Salam told Al Jazeera.
The purpose of the canal (known as the Jonglei Canal after the Dinka village that was closest to it) was to divert wasted swamp water from the South to drought-like areas of need in the Sudanese North and (even farther North) to Egypt.
The Shilluk tribesmen attacked the village of Bony-Thiang in Upper Nile state on Friday morning, killing civilians of the Dinka tribe, the army said.
However, the Nuer community leader accused the Dinka community of mobilising refugee communities from Congo, Burundi, Rwanda as their allies from the Great Lakes region, inciting yet another fierce clash over the weekend which he said left 4 Nuer members dead.
Sources said the clashes between Nuer and Dinka communities, the largest and belligerent ethnic groups in South Sudan, occurred when a 9-year old Nuer girl-child was allegedly raped by a Dinka man, leaving her in critical condition.