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I am glad that our students had to dig out the place for their kitchen and dining room.
When our old students return to Tuskegee now, as they often do, and go into our large, beautiful, well-ventilated, and well-lighted dining room, and see tempting, well-cooked food--largely grown by the students themselves--and see tables, neat tablecloths and napkins, and vases of flowers upon the tables, and hear singing birds, and note that each meal is served exactly upon the minute, with no disorder, and with almost no complaint coming from the hundreds that now fill our dining room, they, too, often say to me that they are glad that we started as we did, and built ourselves up year by year, by a slow and natural process of growth.
He followed me, almost mechanically, into the dining room.
Dining rooms are my favorite project--they should be a standout space, and custom wallpaper is almost always the right choice.
Dining rooms are located off each side of the main dining room, providing three separate dining spaces.
MANY people are guilty of having less than exciting dining rooms - few people really take the time to make this room as polished and pretty as the rest of their home.
Dining rooms used to be large, space-wasting and unloved rooms.
Modern city centre apartments don't have dining rooms but they tend to cram the kitchen/dining area into too small a space.
The second floor features private dining rooms named for famous burlesque stars, such as "The Tempest Storm" (with seating for 70), "The Betty Page" (with seating for 20), "The DO May" (with seating for 20), and "The Mabel Saintley" (with seating for 40).
Changing lifestyles that prevent families from sitting down together to eat have rendered Welsh dining rooms almost obsolete.
Meanwhile, the passengers on the QM2, who were giddy with the historic moment, departed the decks with their empty champagne flutes and retreated to one of 10 dining rooms with a menu advised by Daniel Boulud--one of the world's most famous chefs.
Young chef Craig Strong's contemporary American fare received its most recent accolade from the current (May) issue of Gourmet magazine which named the restaurant one of the ``world's best hotel dining rooms.
The end result: 60 residential studio units, administrative space, dining rooms, a bistro, library and beauty shop--and most importantly, the preservation of an old friend and neighbor to the town of Watertown.
One of the most significant problems with dining rooms is that they are often in the wrong place and therefore under-used.
Our project vision included creating more homelike 'households,' a more welcoming focal point than the existing large nurses' station, and more flexible dining rooms, as well as opening up all of the glass-enclosed sitting rooms that our residents affectionately referred to as 'fishbowls,'" explains Mother Alice Marie Jones, lsp.