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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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Food service operators also play a key role in dining hall policy and practice.
A spiral staircase leads from the living room to a mezzanine study area with velux windows, while stairs from the dining hall lead to two more double bedrooms.
Court Barn at Upton Snodsbury in Worcestershire, a converted stone barn with five bedrooms and a vaulted dining hall, guide price pounds 625,000
Blue Mountain uses the rustic side lodge, old dining hall, and activity fields, and the day campers love to question ETC campers carrying backpacks, dry bags, or climbing gear as to where they are off to for their next adventure.
Dining Services was able to repurpose and redecorate the existing "healthy options" dining hall.
It was used as a dormitory and dining hall for the Chicago Theological Seminary from 1926 to 1959 and was nearly razed twice so that a more suitable dorm - yes, a great big rectangular box - could be built in its place.
boys from Westminster Abbey Choir School in the medieval Abbotts Dining Hall in Westminster Abbey, on Tuesday February 28, the day it was announced the hall would be opened to the public for the first time; a model displays Ines Valentinitsch's collection at Milan's Fashion Week; a local music teacher plays his trumpet as Ilija Panincic, believed to be in his 50s gets his first professional haircut in years from a local employee of the NATO peacekeeping force on a remote hill in the Sipova region of Bosnia
Protected music sung around a campfire, in a dining hall, as part of a play or skit, played by cassette or CD for gymnastics or aerobic dance classes all meet the definition of a performance.
Tenders are invited for Construction of cook house cum dining hall at bop new mohmdiwala of 143 bn bsf (now 105 bn bsf) under shq bsf fzr (sh: electrification, providing fans and service connection in cook house cum dining hall at bop new mohmdiwala of 143 bn bsf (now 105 bn bsf) under shq bsf fzr)
The California Certified Organic Farmers certified the salad bar and kitchen at Crossroads, the largest dining hall on campus, as organic in April 2006.
RUNNING: Alabama distance runner David Kimani, a six-time NCAA champion, died after collapsing at a university dining hall in Tuscaloosa.
The houses have steep pitched roofs and dormer windows, an entrance halway and central dining hall forming the heart of the home.
This has been described as the glue that physically binds the university together, but it has a social and perhaps spiritual purpose as well, for it contains most of the non-academic common functions of the fledgling institution, for instance, the bookshop, dining hall, student service offices, and even a small chapel.
Examples would be the dining hall, recreation building, or other buildings critical to the operation of camp.