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wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia

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Dingos and certain other Asian canines share with the Carolina dog the ginger-colored coat, which Brisbin says is a hallmark of a very ancient lineage.
has found that at least one genetic marker present in dingos and other primitive dogs is missing in the Carolina dog.
The Last Pack of Dingos offers an engaging preface about the author's supposed experience which is as farfetched and imaginative as the twenty-seven stories that follow.
Vivid pictures of the barren, drought-stricken, ruined landscape recur in all the narratives, as dingo heroes attempt to return from white man's captivity to their ancestral homes, only to find a wasteland--literally and figuratively.
However, as the Nyala is an older design model, they do not provide the same level of protection as the newer Dingos.