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a rheostat that varies the current through an electric light in order to control the level of illumination

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In a hallway, you need a decent amount of light to fill the area but at night, it's nice to have a softer feel so the first thing I would suggest is a dimmer switch.
In a hallway you need a decent amount of light but at night it is nice to have a softer feel, so I would suggest a dimmer switch.
Lead researchers Dr Sonja Vernes and Dr Simon Fisher of the University of Oxford in England revealed that Foxp2 acts as a genetic dimmer switch, turning up or down the amount of protein product made by nerve cells.
Campaigners hope Coventry City Council's plan to replace 28,000 of the city's 32,000 street lights with dimmer switch technology will make a difference.
It is only the CFLs that are labeled as dimmable that will function properly when used with a dimmer switch.
Other features include a high/low dimmer switch, night light, an extra-large easy-to-see face, and a Super Shaker[TM] bed shaker.
In February this year, Coventry City Council became the first UK local authority to announce that it would be fitting dimmer switch technology to thousands of replacement street lights over the next five years to help reduce energy consumption and deliver financial sav-v ings.
As anyone with a dimmer switch will attest, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), though far more energy efficient than their incandescent forbears, leave a lot to be desired.
In fact, it may lie in your brain's dimmer switch for controlling the input from your ears.
Next, be practical - install a dimmer switch in the bedroom so that when your girlfriend is feeling more at ease, you can suggest that you make love with the light on dimly.
Then we put it on a dimmer switch for romantic evenings.
Imagine this virus production to be controlled by something like a dimmer switch that you use at home to control how bright your light is.
Instead, we should learn to treat it like a dimmer switch that can be adjusted to any level between those extremes.
Think of yourself as a 100-watt bulb on a dimmer switch.
What Dynamic Feed amounts to is a dimmer switch," says Synventive's Moss.