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becoming smaller or less or appearing to do so

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One has the impression that willingness to embrace an ambiguous, open-ended mission would be diminishingly small.
While IEDs are a threat to soldiers in Baghdad, the risk to dockworkers in Boston is diminishingly small.
Sadly, the value of these scientifically substantiated strategies has been largely ignored in Oregon, while money has been wasted on costly and diminishingly effective incarceration.
If two parties engage in offsetting wash sales, for example, the chance that the value of both securities will change by exactly the same amount is diminishingly small.
An application of this approach to CEE countries is straightforward: one is tempted to state that by going east and southeast in CEE, one finds a diminishingly favorable attitude toward capitalist values, along with a rising degree of corruption, owing to differing political attitudes based on culture and essentially on religious affiliations, regardless of these countries' closely related or even common historical background (Pejovich 2006, 239).
The advent of assisted reproduction helps a small minority of women who can afford it, but diminishingly so at age over 35.
A major discussion of the differential relevance of externalities concerns to different types of resource use appears in Ellickson, supra note 2, at 1327-35 (discussing "large," "medium," and "small" events, for which externalities are, respectively, diminishingly important).
The media consensus was that a clear UK majority would vote against the Constitution, and the formidable but perhaps diminishingly persuasive powers of the Prime Minister would be to no avail.
Like most archipelagoes, it is related to adjacent landmasses: in this case there are three of them--most importantly, the mainland of English literature, by language and historical circumstance; diminishingly, the British Commonwealth of literature; and increasingly, the continent of Africa which gives it its actual nourishment.
If revenue sags, if expenses increase, if implementation is as poorly managed as development, if funds are diverted--then benefits to the poor become diminishingly small and risks intolerably large.
How can the result that foreign ownership above a level which falls significantly short of majority ownership have a diminishingly positive impact on performance be interpreted?
As we know, most of the signal energy of the block DCT is compacted in the DC component and the remaining energy is distributed diminishingly in the AC components in zigzag scan order.
still is some diminishingly small threat to health.