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any of a large class of compounds that have alternate silicon and oxygen atoms

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These dependences may be explained by the higher elastic stiffness of diphenylsiloxane units as compared to that of the dimethylsiloxane ones and by the higher positive effect of dielectric constant of silica than that of the negative effect of silica elastic stiffness respectively.
Fabrication of thermoset polyester microfluidic devices and embossing masters using rapid prototyped poly dimethylsiloxane molds.
Table 1: Typical composition of the formulatiion (see Table 2 for details) Component Chemical structure Commercial name Resin Polyurethane-acrylate Bayhydrol UV 2282 Defoamer Ether poly dimethylsiloxane Foamex 822 Surfactant Polyether siloxane copolymer Byk 348 Dispersant Solution of block copolymer Byk 190 of high molecular weight Photoinitiator Bis-acyl phosphine oxide Irgacure 819DW Thickener Polyurethane RM 2020 Solvent Deionized water -- CNC -- -- Table 2: List of chemicals for varnish formulation with 2% CNC (402.
One unique difference, compared to their dimethylsiloxane counterparts, is the incorporation of a fluorine component attached to the polymer backbone.
The solubility parameters of the solvents are shown in Table 2, (45) and the solubility parameters of dimethylsiloxane, urethane, and urea groups calculated using a group contribution method are shown in Table 3.
LMWS consist of both cyclic and linear molecules with repeating units of dimethylsiloxane, of which [D.