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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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As shown in Figure 2, relative to the air-treated control, treatment of A431 cells with the natural ligand EGF induced dimerization of EGFR within 5 min.
516 TFDP2 Transcription factor Stimulates E2F- Dp-2 (E2F dependent dimerization partner transcription which 2) is involved in cell cycle regulation or DNA replication -0.
Cetuximab is a monoclonal antibody targeting EGFR that blocks ligand-activated signal transduction and receptor dimerization, promoting receptor internalization and degradation.
Melting temperatures were quantiied and the absence of signiicant secondary structure formation and dimerization were conirmed with PrimerExpress software (PE Applied Biosystems, Foster City, California).
Although RXR is the dimerization partner of EcR in lobsters and other crustaceans, it also forms heterodimers with several other nuclear receptors (Chawla et al.
UV-induced mutagenic lesions are mainly ascribed to the dimerization of adjacent pyrimidine bases, leading to structural changes in the DNA molecule that interfere with replication and transcription processes.
ToxT is composed of two domains: the N-terminus is involved in dimerization and environmental sensing, while the C-terminus contains two helix-turn-helix (HTH) motifs that facilitate binding to the promoter regions of the ctx, tcp, and acf genes (9-11) (Fig.
Estrogen receptors (ER), upon binding with estrogenic ligands assume conformations suitable for dimerization and binding with signal transmitting coactivator proteins--the ER-dimer binds to DNA and leads to transcription of target genes.
But the most exciting part is that small molecule inhibitors of dimerization [the joining of two identical subunits] of core actually inhibit interaction between core and helicase, thus possibly preventing production of an infectious viral particle," said Strosberg.
Chapters deal with pharmacological subjects such as allosteric modulators, receptor dimerization, GPCR deorphanization, G protein activation, and the Frizzled family; methods to screen GPCR using biochemical techniques, cell phenotype, resonance energy transfer, label-free detection, and ultra-high-throughput screening; new ways to express and crystallize the receptors; computational studies such as modeling and rational drug design; and the use of pharmacological chaperones for diseases caused by GPCR mutations.
Spectrum of transcriptional, dimerization, and dominant negative properties of twenty different mutant thyroid hormone [beta]-receptors in thyroid hormone resistance syndrome.
Pre-PCR incubation with the HotStart-IT[TM] binding protein was executed at 25[degrees]C for four hours to prevent mispriming and primer dimerization during amplification (Chou et al.
Tag-lite is a homogeneous, nonradioactive and cost-effective alternative for the study of cell surface receptor dimerization and ligand binding, two important investigation avenues in drug discovery research.
The 22 ARF proteins encoded by 22 ARF genes in Arabidopsis genome each contain a conserved DNA binding domain near their N terminus and most also have a dimerization domain near their C terminus that can interact with a corresponding domain in Aux/IAA proteins (Ulmasov et al.