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a compound whose molecules are composed of two identical monomers

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In people with Stargardt's, toxic clumps can form from vitamin A through a process called dimerisation, which had been suggested as a cause of the disease.
One way would be, for instance, to design molecules that specifically stop MITF dimerisation in melanocytes.
Perjeta works in a different way to any other cancer medicine as it is the first in a new class of targeted treatments, known as HER2 dimerisation inhibitors, which work to block cancer cell growth and survival signals.
GTP cyclohydrolase I gene transfer augments intracellular tetrahydrobiopterin in human endothelial cells: effects on nitric oxide synthase activity, protein levels and dimerisation.
PerjetaA is a first-in-class HER2 Dimerisation Inhibitor (HDI) monoclonal antibody.
Also among the innovations were a new grade of polyester to make mineral water bottles, a new way of using ethylene dimerisation to make butene-1 and a low-weight, low-cost front module for the new Smart car, created using Sabic Stamax plastic.