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an ancient city (widely regarded as the world's oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria

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See, for example, Ibn 'Asakir, Ta'rikh madinat Dimashq, 80 vols.
At the time when Syrian authorities allowed pro-Assad protestors to take to the streets in Damascus on Wednesday in show of support for President Bashar al-Assad, the army forces were bombing areas in Rif Dimashq (Damascus countryside) and Homs where some reports claimed that anti-regime demonstrators also decided to stage protests, the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported Thursday.
NOT many horses win the Derby twice but Dimashq did just that to give amateur rider Wendy Gibson an emotional return to the winner's enclosure.
The workshop on "Contract Management" was delivered to a team managing the construction of a multi-million dollar project called "Rose of Damascus - Wardit Dimashq," a state of the art discovery center for children.
Muhammad Khalil al-Muradi, 'Arf al-basham fi man waliya fatwa dimashq al-sham (Damascus, 1988), 21-23.
23) Adnan al-Mallouhi, Akram Hourani: arrab al-inqilabat fi Souriyah [Akram Hourani: The Midwife of Coups in Syria] (Damascus: Dar Dimashq, 1995), pp.
In prose collections such as Qisas Shamiyeh (Damascene Stories) and Wada'an Dimashq (Farewell, Damascus -- the number of her titles with "Damascus" in them is noteworthy), as well as in her novels, Idilbi's work evinces nostalgia for the grand old era of an aristocratic Turco-Arab Syria.
the similar practice of 'A'isha al-Ba'uniyya, in Faris Ahmad al-'Allawi, 'A'isha al-Ba'uniyya al-Dima shqiyya: Ashhar a'lam Dimashq awakhir 'ahd al-Mamalik--Dirasa wa-nusus (Damascus: Dar Ma'add, 1994), P.
She published numerous short stories in 1962 and 1968, the novel Dimashq Bayti Al-Kabir/Damascus My Big House] in 1969, and has recently published other novels.
247-254; and Abdullah Hanna, al-Harikat al-Umaliya fi Suriyya wa Lubnan, 1900-1945 (The Labor Movement in Syria and Lebanon 1900-1945) (Damascus: Dar Dimashq, 1973).
AMMAN, Nov 3 (KUNA) -- The opposition Syrian Free Army has manage to crash a broad attack launched by the regime forces and its loyal militias on the town of Darya, in Western Ghouta of Rif Dimashq Province.
hearing) records that have survived from and seem to have been particularly prominent in the Middle Period; as a case study, Hirschler scrutinizes the samac records from Ibn 'Asakir's Tarikh Dimashq.
Dimashq, Baghdad and Quds die in the play, whereas El Wewiyeh, the dream of an Arab nation, is the sole survivor.
Residents of the town of Muadamiyat al-Sham, located in Rif Dimashq Province near Damascus, came back to the area after foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants withdrew from the area as agreed in the ceasefire deal, press tv reported.
It was later confirmed that it did in fact possess a massive arsenal of such weapons, which were used against Syrian civilians in the first confrontation that posed a threat to the regime in the Rif Dimashq governorate, in an attempt to spread terror and panic in the hearts of those Syrians who oppose it, and force them to abandon their demands and beg for its mercy