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Synonyms for diluvial

of or connected with a deluge


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When the overlying layer of loamy diluvium is thick and contains few stones, however, the allotments may not be visible on site or on aerial photographs.
Fleming challenged Buckland's view of the superficial deposits as products of a gigantic deluge, claiming that modern causes, such as several small floods, were sufficient to account for the so-called diluvium.
Linguarum diversitas exorta est in aedificatione turris post diluvium.
Egiptios dicunt non habuisse Deucalionis diluvium et ideo Greci habuerunt adiumentum ab illis.
The author of over thirty novels and novellas in addition to several collections of short stories, Willem Brakman creates in Ante Diluvium a surrealistic world of youthful violence where young boys plot evil acts against their elders and against one another.