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a narcotic analgesic (trade name Dilaudid) used to treat moderate to severe pain

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The dose of Dilaudid is relatively small and cannot be the cause of the arrest.
The report listed her other prescriptions as the antidepressants Zoloft and trazadone and the powerful opiate Dilaudid.
There was one time where I was in a friend of mine's room injecting Dilaudid and she wasn't in there and my syringe clogged and I couldn't fix it so I grabbed one of her used one [syringe] and used it.
First, the law places no similar restrictions on selling to alcoholics, even "known" alcoholics--nor to those who are constantly impaired under the influence of Dilaudid or other legal, prescription painkillers, which 1^ would argue can impair the judgment at least as much if not far more than the use of marijuana by people for whom it does some medical good.
No morphine, dilaudid, demerol, or codeine narcotics.
Powerful drugs such as OxyContin, Dilaudid, and Vicodin are obviously blessings to people with severe pain.
A 19 percent reduction in adverse drug reactions with Dilaudid, a potentially dangerous narcotic medication.
The post-operative pharmacologic regime included clindamycin for antibiotic prophylaxis, Lovenox for DVT prophylaxis, Lovenox and Coumadin for treatment of the DVT, and Dilaudid and Norco for pain control.
Medicine Active Ingredient Actiq, oral transmucosal lozenge Fentanyl Citrate Avinza, capsules (extended release) Morphine Sulfate Daytrana, transdermal patch system Methylphenidate Demerol, tablets * Meperidine Hydrochloride Demerol, oral solution * Meperidine Hydrochloride Diastat/Diastat AcuDial, rectal gel Diazepam Dilaudid, tablets * Hydromorphone Hydrochloride Dilaudid, oral liquid * Hydromorphone Hydrochloride Dolophine Hydrochloride, tablets * Methadone Hydrochloride Duragesie, patch (extended release) Fentanyl * Embeda, capsules (extended release) Morphine Sulfate; Naltrexone Hydrochloride Fentora, tablets (buccal) Fentanly Citrate kadian.
While at the hospital, he received Dilaudid intravenously for pain.
Jacko, who suffered a heart attack, was taking another painkiller, Dilaudid.
Highly-addictive Dilaudid - hydromorphone in the UK - can be 10 times stronger than morphine and five times stronger than heroin.
And they claimed that in the weeks before the tragedy, he was taking a cocktail of drugs, including Demerol, another powerful opiate called Dilaudid, and anti-anxiety medicines Xanax and Zoloft.
Pharmaceuticals like Oxycon-tin, Xanax, Elavil, Percocet, Dilaudid, Klonopin and Catapres are for sale on the streets.
Self-reported use in the past 30 days of the following POs was included: Demerol, Dilaudid, Methadone (illegal from street), Morphine, OxyContin, Percocet, and Tylenol 3 or 4.