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Synonyms for dilator

a muscle or nerve that dilates or widens a body part

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a drug that causes dilation

a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ


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9) In OSP, sympathetic denervation results in upregulation of a-receptors which, in turn, unmasks the weak effect of apraclonidine on a1-receptors in the pupil dilator muscle by causing mydriasis.
Imaging studies during wakefulness, however, are complicated to interpret since ongoing pharyngeal dilator muscle activity (greater in OSA than controls (59)) may lead to observed differences between groups based on non anatomical (i.
1) The lack of response of the iris dilator muscle may be attributable to the fact that it is largely [[alpha].
van de Graaff demonstrated that traction on the lower portion of the trachea can increase the diameter of the upper airway regardless of dilator muscle activity.
Their larynx has a rigid fibrous structure and a dilator muscle in addition to a constrictor muscle.
The dilator muscle moves away from the pupil like bicycle spokes.
Endoscopy performed during end expiration reduces the compensatory inspiratory dilator muscle tone.
OSA represents the most extreme degree of lack of compensation for increased upper airway resistance, and it is characterized by upper airway collapse uncompensated by dilator muscle action.
Current medical treatment for this is often unacceptable to patients, yet one pathophysiological factor is rarely taken in account: upper airway dilator muscles deficiency.