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On the medical front, I would not go as far as to say this was a mini-stroke but dilated pupils can be present in cats with high blood pressure.
Ashitey maintained that when they arrived on the scene, the victim was nonresponsive not breathing, and unconscious with dilated pupils.
Strong BBC evidence of chemical attack in Saraqeb Frothing at the mouth, constricted breathing, dilated pupils and a terrible stench all corroborates reports of a chemical attack in the northern Syrian town of Saraqeb last month.
Physical side effects include dilated pupils, a tight jaw, raised temperature and increased heartbeat.
According to the BBC, it said staff at the hospitals described a large number of patients arriving in the space of less than three hours with symptoms including convulsions, dilated pupils and breathing problems.
We were there with freshly dilated pupils awaiting inspection by the ophthalmologist.
Chemical weapons experts identify several characteristics - such as dilated pupils and the struggle of those barely surviving to breathe - that are consistent with such an attack and would be difficult to fake.
At one time, dilated pupils were considered attractive, and juice from this belladonna lily (another name for the naked lady), applied directly to the eyes, produced the precise ocular dilation certain Italian noblewomen sought.
Heat-related illnesses include dehydration (deficit in body fluids), heat exhaustion (nausea, dizziness, weakness, headache, pale and moist skin, heavy perspiration, normal or low body temperature, weak pulse, dilated pupils, disorientation, fainting spells), and heat stroke (headache, dizziness, confusion, and hot dry skin, possibly leading to vascular collapse, coma, and death).
l Sores around the mouth and nose and dilated pupils.
Conversation resumed, though the dilated pupils of my little dear's eyes- suffice to say she was fearful.
It gives a rapid pulse, dilated pupils, sharper reflexes, speeded up reactions and it will dilate airways as it diverts blood away from internal organs and towards the muscles and other physical systems.
This effect was duly noted by the Romans who called the plant 'belladonna,' meaning 'beautiful woman,' in recognition of the fact that women with dilated pupils are generally judged by men to be more attractive.
To protect your vision, have your eyes regularly checked through dilated pupils so doctors can get a good three-dimensional view of the optic nerve and retina.
It's important to have your eyes regularly checked through dilated pupils so doctors can get a good three-dimensional view of the optic nerve and retina.