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an anticonvulsant drug (trade name Dilantin) used to treat epilepsy and that is not a sedative

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Some of these AED's used may be those that have a higher chance of affecting cognition or behavior, including Dilantin, Phenobarbital, Topamax, Keppra, and various benzodiazepines including Klonopin, Valium, and Ativan.
He was admitted in the intensive care unit, underwent a CT scan of the head, loaded with IV Dilantin and was evaluated by a neurologist.
Her boyfriend had witnessed the seizures and told the medical providers that she had not been taking her Dilantin or Keppa for the condition responsible for her seizures.
These include Dilantin (used for seizures), steroid medications such as prednisone used to reduce inflammation or treat asthma, and Questran (cholestyramine), a cholesterol-lowering medication.
Phenytoin is the active pharmaceutical in the antiseizure medication Dilantin.
However, for some drugs such as Dilantin (phenytoin, for seizures), Tegretol (carbamazpenine, also for seizures), and Coumadin (warfarin, for blood-clot prevention), small changes in blood levels of the drug can lead to therapeutic failure or toxocity.
For example, administration tips were designed into the software to alert nurses that Dilantin IV should be administered slowly.
Tests such as "protimes and therapeutic drug levels for drugs such as Vancomycin, Gentamycin, Dilantin, and Digoxin, must be performed quickly with the results returned to the physician within the same day," he pointed out.
The drug I'm on because of the brain job, Dilantin, means you can't take cocaine anymore, which is fine for me.
He alleged that Mary McKenzie, a Registered Nurse at the facility, tried to kill him with an overdose of Dilantin.
HIV+ patients taking Kaletra to treat HIV who are also taking Dilantin (phenytoin) may need to adjust their doses or even change their reeds.
Dilantin is not frequently used for seizures, and that is a good thing, Dr.
Los medicos diagnosticaron que sufria ataques de apoplejia y le recetaron Dilantin, usado para epilepticos.
anti-convulsant medications (such as dilantin, phenytoin, and primidone)