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State-run Rafidain and Rasheed banks might take a 24 percent stake in Dijlah and Furat for Development and Investment, one bank official said.
When I finally get to the Sharkh Dijlah, just north of Baghdad, there is indeed construction under way, but no workers around.
The Sharkh Dijlah expansion will increase the plant's potable outflow from 120 million gallons a day to 170 million.
Wasit / NINA /--Rising waters level in Dijlah / Tigris / River in Wasit province, in addition to speedy wind to the collapse of a floating bridge in Alahrar county / 20 km northwest of Kut capital of Wasit province .
32) The Islamic State, The Media Office in Dijlah, "Image of Public Transporation," distributed via Shabakataljahad, July 20, 2015.
The source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that military force of Dijlah operations supported by Popular Crowd force managed to kill five terrorist elements of Daash in an ambush in the vicinity of Ajil oil field in Salahuddin province.
According to a statement by the ministry today, "Army force of Dijlah operations supported by Army Air Force managed to kill 25 terrorists and destroyed three armored vehicles carrying improvised explosive devices and dismantled 11 explosive devices in Hamrin Mountains region", pointing out that this force continues operations in the region to support progress of Salahuddin operations forces from Almazraah area to block line near of Baiji refinery ".
Ramadi/ Nina /--A source in the Command of Dijlah and al-Badiya Operations announced the arrival of forces of army Golden band to al-Baghdadi area with the support of the sons of the tribes to restore control of Almadani residential complex of al-Baghdadi , west of Anbar.
Provincial police chief head of the popular mobilization Major General Sadiq Zaidi, said to the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / ": The approval of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces got on the formation of this brigade which renamed / brigade of martyr Jamal al-Zaidi / noting that the brigade will be formed almost of volunteers of the sons of Bani Zeid tribe in the province of Dhi-Qar, under the leadership of Dijlah operations, led by Lt.
He said in a press statement today : "Armed units for Dijlah Operations Command ended the battle with Dsh in Sulaiman Bek victoriously by killing 48 militants among them some who carries Arab nationality and arrested 37 others in addition to dismantling 32 of an explosive devices and cleansing mined houses.
The source added, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / : "The suicide bomber, who was driving a tank , tried to storm the police station in Dijlah area , but could not and he blew himself up outside .
The coalition said in a statement today that "Nujaifi made urgent contacts with the Prime Minister and the national security adviser as well as with Dijlah operations commander in order to find out the current situation and to check on displaced Iraqi families.
Kirkuk / NINA /-- Peopular's committees in Kirkuk gave the 12th Division of Army Dijlah Operations Command a deadline until twelve o'clock noon on Sunday to release the committees' coordinator Sheikh Khaled Mafraji, who was arrested at dawn yesterday.
A source in the army told NINA : " Two IED went off, toe day on army patrol belonging to the fourth band within Dijlah Operations Command in Albosalibi village of Balad district , south of Tikrit, killing Captain Sadiq Ali and two soldiers , wounding two others ,heavily damaging one of the patrol vehicles.