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Synonyms for digoxin

digitalis preparation (trade name Lanoxin) used to treat congestive heart failure or cardiac arrhythmia

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The antidote Digoxin Immune Fab was administered and the patient was admitted to the intensive care unit for close monitoring.
Review of clinical experience with digoxin immune Fab (ovine).
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated Digoxin Immune Fab (DIF), a potential new therapy the company is developing to treat severe preeclampsia, for Fast Track review.
WASHINGTON -- Digoxin Immune Fab (DIF), a polyclonal fragmented antibody marketed for the treatment of digoxin toxicity, appears to improve renal function in women with severe preeclampsia, based on results of the first known study to show pharmacologic benefit for a drug that protects end-organ function in preeclamptic patients.
the distributor of DigiFab(R) Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) in the United States and Protherics Inc.