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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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The software is an add-on library for each programming language and requires the use of a digitizer tablet with a desktop computer (such as CIC's recently announced Handwriter(TM) for Windows) or a pen-based computer.
CalComp's new ultra-thin digitizer tablet and state-of-the-art pen, manufactured to CIC's specifications, incorporate recent advances in digitizer technology which allow the manufacture of an ultra-thin product a lower cost than traditional digitizer tablets.
Only four wires are required to drive and monitor the resistive digitizer tablet.
Some 125 visitors used Bayer's electronic digitizer tablets to sketch out their own ideas for new plastic products.
Today CIC's suite of biometric signature products coupled with its multilingual handwriting recognition solutions enable enterprise applications utilizing a variety of input devices including digitizer tablets from Interlink and Wacom, PDAs from Palm, Inc.
PenOp, the global leader in eSignature software solutions and Wacom Technology Corporation, the worldwide leader in pen and digitizer tablets -- announced a strategic alliance to offer packaged solutions of the Graphire(TM) Pen with PenOp(R) Signature software to corporate enterprise customers who increasingly need to replace traditional signatures on paper with verifiable, tamper-proof eSignatures.