poppy mallow

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a plant of the genus Callirhoe having palmately cleft leaves and white to red or purple flowers borne throughout the summer

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The Sd-30 antigen (MW-30 kDa) purified in our laboratory (3) from Setaria digitata was used to determine the filarial specific antibodies (IgG, IgM and IgG4) levels by ELISA (4).
claparedeianus, Potamothrix hammoniensis (recorded at all 13 stations), Tubifex tubifex, and the naidid Dero digitata (at 12 stations) (Fig.
Adansonia digitata best known as the African baobab is one of the most useful species in the Sahel as it represents significant nutritional adjuncts [8].
Chemical composition of baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata L.
8226; Lipolytine (extract of Laminaria Digitata seaweed) - renowned for its excellent contouring properties, stimulates lipolysis and promotes the breakdown of fat.
For example, the iodine content of seaweed varies from 16-8165 ppm, with the highest iodine content being found in kelp granules from Laminaria digitata, harvested off the coast of Iceland.
Secondly, some endangered species, like Schizaea digitata, are only found outside of nature reserves.
The baobab tree, "adansonia digitata," is a revered personality that fills nature.
The Carbohyrase activites of Unfractioned extracts of Cladophora rupestris, Laminaria digitata, Rhododymenia palmate and Ulva lactuca", Biochem J.
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects of the fruit pulp of Adansonia digitata.
including Laminaria digitata and Sacchoriza latissima (=Laminaria saccharina), was collected in Loch Beag and the remaining macroalgae in the pearl nets, from the previous sampling event, was replaced by freshly collected fronds without any visible signs of epiphytic growth.
com, is a gentle foaming and exfoliating body cleanser with laminaria digitata seaweed and sea salt to leave the skin feeling smooth, invigorated and radiant.
Collecting of forest trees products including: Ziziphos spina dris, Adansonia digitata, Tamarindus indica and (Grewia tenax fruits) and the wild plant food products such as, (Cassia obtusiflora) and (Sonchus spp.
Coupled with Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral to help increase oxygen levels in the skin, this advanced face and eye treatment allows skin to perform at its peak, improving cell respiration and cell regeneration, for a firmer, uplifted younger looking appearance after one treatment.