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a book published annually by the graduating class of a high school or college usually containing photographs of faculty and graduating students

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a reference book that is published regularly once every year

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For those schools out there that are interested in producing a state of the art digital yearbook while still maintaining the traditional page-flipping experience, Odyssey Interactive has an unmatched solution for you.
com)-- Odyssey Interactive, the nation's leading publisher of digital yearbooks for high school, middle school and college, is excited to announce the release of MyYearbookBuilder's revolutionary Virtual Book format, which offers schools an alternative to the conventional interactive yearbook experience available through discs and the Internet.
StoryRock is the market leader in multimedia digital yearbooks, currently partnering with world leader in print yearbooks Jostens since 2001.
The Sony DSC-F1 digital still camera and Sony VAIO(R) computers will be highlighted in the creation of America's Digital Yearbook.
With the creation of America's Digital Yearbook, Sony is giving people the opportunity to gain first hand experience with digital imaging technologies that are molding the future.
MemoryMixer is the result of Lasting Impressions' partnership with StoryRock, the world's largest provider of digital yearbook technology for schools.
They'll be able to show off their America's Digital Yearbook pages to friends, family and others on Sony's Web site at http://www.
activities, guidance offices and digital yearbooks.
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