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Synonyms for money

for my money


  • in my opinion
  • in my view
  • to my mind
  • in my book
  • if you ask me
  • as I see it
  • in my estimation
  • from my standpoint

Synonyms for money

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

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payment from any particular digital wallet, a merchant is forced to open
pair of necessary interventions in the digital wallet marketplace.
It is estimated that the number of people making use of digital wallet worldwide will double in the next few years, and online transactions would account for more than three trillion dollars.
He also weighs the pros and cons of businesses creating their own digital wallet experiences.
Ultimately, we look at digital wallets as marketing platforms.
overall, the trend in digital wallet use is unmistakably upward.
Emirates Digital Wallet has been developed over the past two years under the umbrella of the UAE Banks Federation, which created a special committee for its member banks to contribute ideas and suggestions to and formulate the ideal solution for the UAE.
In launching a secure mobile phone app to replace traditional cash payments, Emirates Digital Wallet is offering consumers and businesses in the UAE an effective and convenient way to receive, store and transfer money, while setting the path for the country's transition to a digital future.
And, with digital wallets, Quick Response ( QR) codes, near field communication ( NFC) technology, sound wave systems, virtual cards and, more recently, the Unified Payment Interface, or UPI, offering top- notch secure payments options, the smartphone has become the most sought- after all- in- one device.
PayPal and its subsidiary Veno are huge players in the digital wallet game.
a provider of digital wallet solutions to the MVNO market, the company said.
Synopsis: Apple can, however, take solace in the fact that its digital wallet far outpaces competitors in customer engagement and usage.
And it's worth noting that consumers also want to sign up for their digital wallet service through their issuer, where they already have a highly trusted relationship.
The amendments allow digital wallets in Kyrgyzstan, but the process of adding funds into them has been made more difficult in order to minimize the risks in issuance, counting and storing electronic money.
Summary: UPI will help India move towards a cashless economy, and let banks take on digital wallets.