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Synonyms for money

for my money


  • in my opinion
  • in my view
  • to my mind
  • in my book
  • if you ask me
  • as I see it
  • in my estimation
  • from my standpoint

Synonyms for money

something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

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Roberts also stressed that a key issue with digital wallets is who owns the transaction data.
CU Wallet is intended to be a credit union centric digital wallet.
About Skrill Skrill is one of Europe's leading online payments companies and among the world's largest independent digital wallet providers.
Others believe Google is in the digital wallet competitive space for the duration.
me will not lose any branding Opportunities-a concern some issuers have expressed as they research digital wallet options, the processor reassured, adding that TMG clients' card art will appear in the V.
As the lines between mobile banking and digital wallet services begin to blur, Tyfone with its mobile financial services platform is well positioned to bridge the gap with an extremely secure and integrated service offering.
ING in Poland and Turkey have each introduced digital wallet solutions to make the shopping experiences simpler.
PayPal is looking to develop a digital wallet for the benefit of its customers.
Visa said the digital wallet part of the rollout will start to be available to issuers in the fall of 2011.
This is an exciting time to join the iCache team - top tier card issuing organizations are quickly gravitating to iCache's biometrically secure digital wallet over other mobile payment applications.
It also enables us to maintain our focus as a core technology provider in the digital wallet sector, building market share in partnership with leading global mobile network operators, financial institutions, utilities companies and retailers.
me, a digital wallet service by Visa, will be offered by US Bank (NYSE: USB) to all its customers, making it easier and safer to transact online.