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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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You might have one for your satellite, one for your cable, one for your digital video disk, and one for your Internet access device.
FireStore also features many other VTR-like functions with the versatility of a digital video disk recorder.
The chip enables fast data speeds up to 400 Megabits per second, long distance connections, and simplified peer-to-peer connections between PCs, peripherals, and other consumer electronic devices such as digital set-top boxes, digital video disk players, and digital video camcorders.
EVS Broadcast Equipment has been committed to the International Television community and developed Digital Video disk recording technology since the company's inception in 1994.
Jacobs, President and CEO said, "The company recently acquired ownership to certain patent applications for propriety copy-protection and encryption software which is intended to be used to copy-protect digital music, video and other intellectual properties delivered on compact disk (CD), Digital Video Disk (DVD) or via the Internet.
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