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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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IBM's consulting and integration services for digital video surveillance systems are an excellent complement to NICE's digital video recording, video analytics and proactive security management applications.
Digital video data, on the other hand, is typically large, continuous, and not very tolerant of timing errors.
The scalable and modular design of RGB's Universal Scalable Modulator enables service providers to minimize the cost of introducing new services and allows them to benefit from a "pay-as-you-grow" model, through which additional QAM channels can be licensed and added when needed to meet the requirements of expanding digital video service deployments without the need for complete hardware replacements.
New VBrick WM Appliance Reflector capabilities remove digital video access barriers by enabling organizations to stream, store, and replay digital video presentations and content regardless of location.
Casa is helping operators to unlock the full potential of Switched Digital Video with an unprecedented economical solution," said Jerry Guo, president and CEO, Casa Systems.
Switched digital video capabilities from an on-demand platform
VBrick EtherneTV flexibility and ease-of-use removes digital video technology hurdles, placing the focus on teaching and education.
Edina's innovative digital video capabilities reflect technology's central role in its educational and operational initiatives.
VBrick offers a complete digital video appliance line of encoders and decoders to support essential business applications.
is a mobile digital video company based in Research Triangle Park, NC.
Global ePoint's Digital Technology Division develops and provides a range of next-generation digital video and audio recording solutions for applications in the security industry.
The Perpetual Digital systems to be utilized by the check processing centers will be 16 channel digital video recorders (DVR) with dual-redundant capability and 5.
a leading provider of programmable digital video encoding and decoding solutions with its family of Broadband Signal Processor, or BSP(TM), ICs.
Global ePoint's enhanced "Trooper" model Mobile Video Surveillance System, being introduced by the company's Digital Video Technology Group, will be installed in a command center vehicle and demonstrated in conjunction with revolutionary color night vision video cameras developed by CANVS Corporation.
has selected the Cornice Storage Element (SE) for its new D'zign DV-5 digital video camera, the first-ever digital video camera based on embedded rotating storage.
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