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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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The SCD5000's unique swivel lens mechanism permits easy switching between the two functions; one side of the assembly houses the camcorder lens and sensor and the other side holds the mechanism for the digital still camera.
Functioning as both a digital still camera and video camcorder, the compact Elura distinguishes itself as the ultimate personal imaging companion with features that include three shooting modes: Video, Photo and Progressive Scan Digital Motor Drive(TM), a 12X optical zoom and Canon's Optical Image Stabilization System.
We believe that this ADC will be at the heart of a new standard of Digital Still Camera, offering what used to be considered Professional or high-end consumer performance at price points within the reach of the average amateur photographer.
In other words, it may be used as a digital still camera or Web cam to broadcast over the Internet via its USB connection.
While most conventional video camcorders shoot digital stills and most digital still cameras shoot video, the secondary capabilities of these cameras don't offer sufficient quality for many users.
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